Tuesday, September 30, 2008

George Gately died 7 years ago

Cartoonist (creating Heathcliff) George Gately was born as George Gately Gallagher on December 21, 1928 in Queens, New York City, New York. Mr. Gately died on September 30, 2001 in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Ronnie Aldrich died 15 years ago

Pianist, arranger, conductor, and composer Ronnie Aldrich was born on February 15, 1916 in Erith, Kent, England. Mr. Aldrich died on September 30, 1993 on the Isle of Man.

Simone Signoret died 23 years ago

Actress (in Swiss Tour) Simone Signoret was born as Simone Henriette Charlotte Kaminker on March 25, 1921 in Wiesbaden, Germany. Ms. Signoret died on September 30, 1985 in Auteuil-Anthouillet, France.

Edgar Bergen died 30 years ago

Ventriloquist (creating Charlie McCarthy) Edgar John Bergen was born on February 16, 1903 in Chicago, Illinois. He was the father of Candice Bergen... Mr. Bergen died on September 30, 1978 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mary Ford died 31 years ago

Guitarist and singer (with her husband Les Paul) Mary Ford was born as Iris Colleen Summers on July 7, 1924 in El Monte, California. Ms. Ford died on September 30, 1977 in Arcadia, California.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Why stop at $700,000,000,000?

Ali Velshi - cheerleader extraordinaire - said that we just must have a $700,000,000,000 bailout, so it must be the truth, right? Well, if it's so wonderful, then why stop there? Why not go for a cool $1,000,000,000,000 or even $2,000,000,000,000? The answer is that it will all cause much more inflation, i.e. higher prices.

Ali also said that this is a time to put aside principles - as in a principled opposition to a bailout. Well, he doesn't have to worry there. Most politicians haven't had one since high school.

WARP Speed Ahead?

The U.S. Congress is being asked to bailout financially failing (or is that failed?) institutions. Specifically, the draft legislation would allow the Secretary - he doesn't really do much typing - of the Treasury to establish a TARP, i.e. a "troubled asset relief program". It is now realized by some that this was a typo. It should have been titled a WARP, i.e. a worthless asset relief program. With this program, those institutions deemed worthy of such help will get a fresh start to keep doing what they did before. There will be some new rules, but, as with all new rules, they'll find a way around them.

This new money will eventually be used to increase the prices of food, clothing, fuel, disease & disability care, and you-name-it. Tax rates won't have to be increased - people don't like that. The balance sheets of businesses will also look better - on paper. We can import more goods - since we're running so low on them - from China. China can also keep receiving those hefty interest payments from financing U.S. Government debts. The whole world will be a happier place... You can wake up now.

Charles Addams died 20 years ago

Cartoonist (creating The Addams Family) Charles Samuel Addams was born on January 7, 1912 in Westfield, New Jersey. Mr. Addams died on September 29, 1988 in New York City, New York.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mabel Albertson died 26 years ago

Actress (on Bewitched) Mabel Albertson was born on July 24, 1901 in Lynn, Massachusetts. She was the sister of Jack Albertson... Ms. Albertson died on September 28, 1982 in Santa Monica, California.

Norma Crane died 35 years ago

Actress (in Fiddler on the Roof) Norma Crane was born as Norma Anna Bella Zuckerman on November 10, 1928 in New York City, New York. Ms. Crane died on September 28, 1973 in Los Angeles, California.

Harpo Marx died 44 years ago

Actor (in A Night in Casablanca) and harpist Harpo Marx was born as Adolph Marx on November 23, 1888 in New York City, New York. Mr. Marx died on September 28, 1964 in Los Angeles, California.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Donald O'Connor died 5 years ago

Actor (in Francis), singer, and dancer (in Singin’ in the Rain) Donald David Dixon Ronald O’Connor was born on August 28, 1925 in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. O’Connor died on September 27, 2003 in Calabasas, California.

Robert Montgomery died 27 years ago

Actor (in Inspiration) Robert Montgomery was born as Henry Montgomery Jr. on May 21, 1904 in Beacon, New York. He was the father of Elizabeth Montgomery... Mr. Montgomery died on September 27, 1981 in New York City, New York.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Robert Palmer died 5 years ago

Singer (of Simply Irresistible) Robert Allen Palmer was born on January 19, 1949 in Batley, Yorkshire, England. Mr. Palmer died on September 26, 2003 in Paris, France.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

M. Scott Peck died 3 years ago

Author (of The Road Less Traveled) Morgan Scott Peck was born on May 22, 1936 in New York City, New York. Mr. Peck died on September 25, 2005 in Warren, Connecticut.

Don Adams died 3 years ago

Actor (on The Bill Dana Show) Don Adams was born as Donald James Yarmy on April 13, 1923 in New York City, New York. Mr. Adams died on September 25, 2005 in Los Angeles, California.

Walter Pidgeon died 24 years ago

Actor (in Blossoms in the Dust) Walter Davis Pidgeon was born on September 23, 1897 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Mr. Pidgeon died on September 25, 1984 in Santa Monica, California.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dr. Seuss died 17 years ago

Author (of The Cat in the Hat) Dr. Seuss was born as Theodor Seuss Geisel on March 2, 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Dr. Seuss died on September 24, 1991 in San Diego, California.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Charley Weaver died 34 years ago

Comedian (on the Hollywood Squares) Charley Weaver was born as Clifford Arquette on December 28, 1905 in Toledo, Ohio. Mr. Weaver died on September 23, 1974 in Burbank, California.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Marcel Marceau died 1 year ago

Mime Marcel Marceau was born as Marcel Mangel on March 22, 1923 in Strasbourg, France. Mr. Marceau died on September 22, 2007 in Cahors, France.

Isaac Stern died 7 years ago

Violinist Isaac Stern was born on July 21, 1920 in Kremenetz, Ukraine. Mr. Stern died on September 22, 2001 in New York City, New York.

Irving Berlin died 19 years ago

Composer (of White Christmas and many other songs) Irving Berlin was born as Israel Isidore Baline (Beilin) on May 11, 1888 in Mogilev, Russia. Mr. Berlin died on September 22, 1989 in New York City, New York.

Dan Rowan died 21 years ago

Comedian (on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In) Daniel Hale “Dan” Rowan was born on July 22, 1922 in Beggs, Oklahoma. Mr. Rowan died on September 22, 1987 in Englewood, Florida.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Alice Ghostley died 1 year ago

Actress (on Bewitched) Alice Margaret Ghostley was born on August 14, 1923 in Eve, Vernon County, Missouri. Ms. Ghostley died on September 21, 2007 in Studio City, California.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jim Croce died 35 years ago

Songwriter and singer (of Time in a Bottle and Bad, Bad Leroy Brown) James Joseph “Jim” Croce was born on January 10, 1943 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mr. Croce died on September 20, 1973 in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Jean Sibelius died 51 years ago

Composer (of Finlandia) Johan Julius Christian "Jean" Sibelius was born on December 8, 1865 in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Mr. Sibelius died on September 20, 1957 in Järvenpää, Finland.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Skeeter Davis died 4 years ago

Singer Skeeter Davis was born as Mary Frances Penick on December 30, 1931 in Dry Ridge, Kentucky. Ms. Davis died on September 19, 2004 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Orville Redenbacher died 13 years ago

Entrepreneur (marketing popcorn) Orville Clarence Redenbacher was born on July 16, 1907 in Brazil, Indiana. He said, “Pop! Pop!! Pop!!!”… Mr. Redenbacker died on September 19, 1995 in Coronado, California.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jimi Hendrix died 38 years ago

Guitarist, singer, and songwriter James Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix was born as Johnny Allen Hendrix on November 27, 1942 in Seattle, Washington. Mr. Hendrix died on September 18, 1970 in London, England.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Red Skelton died - 11 years ago

Comedian (on The Red Skelton Show) Richard Bernard “Red” Skelton was born on July 18 1913 in Vincennes, Indiana. Mr. Skelton died on September 17, 1997 in Palm Springs, California.

Maria Callas died - 31 years ago

Opera singer Maria Callas was born as Sophia Cecelia Kalos on December 2, 1923 in Manhattan, New York City, New York. Ms. Callas died on September 16, 1977 in Paris, France.

Richard Wright died - 0 years ago

Pianist and keyboardist (with Pink Floyd) Richard William Wright was born on July 28, 1943 in Hatch End, Middlesex, England. Mr. Wright died on September 15, 2008 in Britain.

LaWanda Page died – 6 years ago

Actress (on Sanford and Son) LaWanda Page was born as Alberta Peal on October 19, 1920 in Cleveland, Ohio. Ms. Page died on September 14, 2002 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

Beah Richards died – 8 years ago

Actress (on Designing Women) Beah Richards was born as Beulah Richardson on July 12, 1920 in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Ms. Richards died on September 14, 2000 in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Juliet Prowse died – 12 years ago

Dancer Juliet Anne Prowse was born on September 25, 1936 in Bombay, Maharashtra, India. Ms. Prowse died on September 14, 1996 in Los Angeles, California.

Janet Gaynor died – 24 years ago

Actress (in A Star is Born) Janet Gaynor was born as Laura Augusta Gainor on October 6, 1906 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ms. Gaynor died on September 14, 1984 in Palm Springs, California.

Grace Kelly died – 26 years ago

Actress (in High Society) Grace Patricia Kelly was born on November 12, 1929 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ms. Kelly died on September 14, 1982 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ann Richards died today – 2 years ago

Dorothy Ann Willis Richards was born on September 1, 1933 in Lakeview, Texas. She said, “Poor George [Bush], he can't help it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth.” [Wonder if he took it out and cashed it in?]... Ms. Richards died on September 13, 2006 in Austin, Texas.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Johnny Cash died today – 5 years ago

Singer (of I’ve Been Everywhere) Johnny Cash was born on February 26, 1932 in Kingsland, Arkansas. He said, “I walk the line.” [And here are some great lines.]... Mr. Cash died on September 12, 2003 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Raymond Burr died today – 15 years ago

Actor (in Perry Mason) Raymond William Stacey Burr was born on May 21, 1917 in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. Mr. Burr died on September 12, 1993 in Healdsburg, California.

Anthony Perkins died today – 16 years ago

Actor (in Mahogany) Anthony Perkins was born on April 4, 1932 in New York City, New York. Mr. Perkins died on September 12, 1992 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fred Ebb died today – 4 years ago

Lyricist (of Cabaret and Funny Lady) Fred Ebb was born on April 8, 1933 in Manhattan, New York City, New York. Mr. Ebb died on September 11, 2004 in New York City, New York.

John Ritter died today – 5 years ago

Actor (on Three’s Company and 8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter) Jonathan Southworth “John” Ritter was born on September 17, 1948 in Burbank, California. He was the son of singer Tex Ritter... John Ritter died on September 11, 2003 in Burbank, California.

Kim Hunter died today – 6 years ago

Actress (in Planet of the Apes) Kim Hunter was born as Janet Cole on November 12, 1922 in Detroit, Michigan. Ms. Hunter died on September 11, 2002 in New York City, New York.

David Angell died today – 7 years ago

TV show creator (of Frazier) David Lawrence Angell was born on April 10, 1946 in West Barrington, Rhode Island. Mr. Angell died on September 11, 2001 in New York City, New York.

Jessica Tandy died today – 14 years ago

Actress (in Cocoon, Driving Miss Daisy, and Fried Green Tomatoes) Jessie Alice "Jessica" Tandy was born on June 7, 1909 in London, England. Ms. Tandy died on September 11, 1994 in Easton, Connecticut.

Lorne Greene died today – 21 years ago

Actor (on Bonanza) Lorne Hyman Greene was born on February 12, 1915 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Mr. Greene died on September 11, 1987 in Santa Monica, California.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jane Wyman died today – 1 year ago

Actress (in the Magnificent Obsession) Jane Wyman was born as Sarah Jane Mayfield on January 5, 1917 in Saint Joseph, Missouri. She had been married to Ronald Reagan. Ms. Wyman died on September 10, 2007 in Palm Springs, California.

Dalton Trumbo died today – 32 years ago

Screenwriter (of Executive Action) James Dalton Trumbo was born on December 9, 1905 in Montrose, Colorado. Mr. Trumbo died on September 10, 1976 in Los Angeles, California.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Larry Hovis died today – 5 years ago

Singer (Oh, yes.) and actor (in Hogan’s Heroes) Larry Hovis was born on February 20, 1936 in Wapato, Washington. Mr. Hovis died on September 9, 2003 in Austin (or, San Marcos), Texas.

Ruth Roman died today – 9 years ago

Actress (in The Long, Hot Summer) Ruth Roman was born as Norma Roman on December 22, 1922 in Lynn, Massachusetts. Ms. Roman died on September 9, 1999 in Laguna Beach, California.

Burgess Meredith died today – 11 years ago

Actor (on The Twilight Zone) Oliver Burgess Meredith was born on November 16, 1908 in Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Meredith died on September 9, 1997 in Malibu, California.

Bill Monroe died today – 12 years ago

Singer William Smith “Bill” Monroe was born on September 13, 1911 near Rosine, Kentucky. He said, “Bluegrass is wonderful music. I'm glad I originated it.” [Well...]... Mr. Monroe died on September 9, 1996 in Springfield, Tennessee.

Helen O'Connell died today – 15 years ago

Singer (of Green Eyes and Tangerine) Helen O'Connell was born on May 23, 1920 in Lima, Ohio. Ms. O’Connell died on September 9, 1993 in San Diego, California.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Brad Davis died today – 17 years ago

Actor (in Midnight Express) Brad Davis was born on November 6, 1949 in Tallahassee, Florida. Mr. Davis died on September 8, 1991 in Los Angeles, California.

Jean Seberg died today – 29 years ago

Actress (in Lilith) Jean Dorothy Seberg was born on November 13, 1938 in Marshalltown, Iowa. She said, “My first marriage was not happy. I married him because I was impressed that he knew which wines to order and how to leave his visiting card. Ridiculous reasons.” [Believe it or not, there are worse reasons.]... Ms. Seberg died on September 8, 1979 in Paris, France.

Zero Mostel died today – 31 years ago

Actor (in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum) Samuel Joel “Zero” Mostel was born on February 28, 1915 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York. He said, “The freedom of any society varies proportionately with the volume of its laughter.” [Slaves, of any type, aren’t happy people.]... Mr. Mostel died on September 8, 1977 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Isak Dinesen died today – 46 years ago

Author (with the pen name Isak Dinesen, of Out of Africa and Babette's Feast) Karen von Blixen-Finecke was born on April 17, 1885 in Rungsted, Zealand, Denmark. She said, "The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea." Ms. Dinesen died on September 7, 1962 in Rungsted, Zealand, Denmark.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Luciano Pavarotti died today – 1 year ago

Tenor Luciano Pavarotti was born on October 12, 1935 in Modena, Italy. Mr. Pavarotti died on September 6, 2007 in Modena, Italy.

Tom Fogerty died today – 18 years ago

Guitarist (in Creedence Clearwater Revival) Tom Fogerty was born on November 9, 1941 in Berkeley, California. Mr. Fogerty died on September 6, 1990 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Ernest Tubb died today – 24 years ago

Singer and songwriter Ernest Dale Tubb was born on February 9, 1914 in Crisp, Texas. Mr. Tubb died on September 6, 1984 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Leslie McFarlane died today – 31 years ago

Author (with the pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon, of many of The Hardy Boys books) Charles Leslie McFarlane was born on October 25, 1902 in Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada. Mr. McFarlane died on September 6, 1977 in Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Gisèle MacKenzie died today – 5 years ago

Singer (on Your Hit Parade) Gisèle MacKenzie was born as Gisèle Marie-Louise Marguerite LaFlèche on January 10, 1927 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Ms. MacKenzie died on September 5, 2003 in Burbank, California.

Justin Wilson died today – 7 years ago

Chef (on the Louisiana Cookin’ show) Justin E. Wilson was born on April 24, 1914 in Roseland, Louisiana. Mr. Wilson died on September 5, 2001 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Allen Funt died today – 9 years ago

TV show host (and creator of Candid Camera) Allen Funt was born on September 16, 1914 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York. He said, “When people are smiling they are most receptive to almost anything you want to teach them.” [So get 'em smilin'.]... Mr. Funt died on September 5, 1999 in Pebble Beach, California.

Mother Teresa died today – 11 years ago

Mother Teresa was born as Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu on August 26, 1910 in Shkup. She said, “Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.” [And here’s a great start.]... Mother Teresa died on September 5, 1997 in Calcutta, India.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Steve Irwin died today – 2 years ago

Wildlife expert (on The Crocodile Hunter) Stephen Robert "Steve" Irwin was born on February 22, 1962 in Essendon, Victoria, Australia. He said, “Take the crocodile, for example, my favorite animal. There are 23 species. Seventeen of those species are rare or endangered. They're on the way out, no matter what anyone does or says, you know.” [Just don’t you become extinct. Learn to live.]... Mr. Irwin died on September 4, 2006 on Batt Reef, Queensland, Australia.

Hervé Villechaize died today – 15 years ago

Actor (on Fantasy Island) Hervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize was born on April 23, 1943 in Paris, France. Mr. Villechaize died on September 4, 1993 in Los Angeles, California.

Dottie West died today – 17 years ago

Singer Dottie West was born as Dorothy Marie Marsh on October 11, 1932 in Smithville, Tennessee. Ms. West died on September 4, 1991 in Nashville, Tennessee from injuries from a car crash.

Albert Schweitzer died today – 43 years ago

Musician, philosopher, and physician Albert Schweitzer was born on January 14, 1875 in Kaisersberg, Alsace-Lorraine, France. He said, “An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere, while the pessimist sees only the red stoplight. The truly wise person is colorblind.” [Just don’t be totally blind.]... Mr. Schweitzer died on September 4, 1965 in Lambaréné, Gabon, Africa.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

E.E. Cummings died today – 46 years ago

Author (of The Enormous Room) Edward Estlin Cummings was born on October 14, 1894 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He said, “The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.” [So get out there and do it.]... Mr. Cummings died on September 3, 1962 in North Conway, New Hampshire.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bob Denver died today – 3 years ago

Actor (on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis and Gilligan’s Island) Robert Osbourne "Bob" Denver was born on January 9, 1935 in New Rochelle, New York. He said, “Gilligan's Island is wherever you want it to be in your mind.” [So, one could be lost in one’s own neighborhood and still have adventures?]... Mr. Denver died on September 2, 2005 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Troy Donahue died today – 7 years ago

Actor (in A Summer Place and Tin Man) Troy Donahue was born as Merle Johnson, Jr. on January 27, 1936 in New York City, New York. Mr. Donahue died on September 2, 2001 in Santa Monica, California.

Viktor Frankl died today – 11 years ago

Author (of Man’s Search for Meaning) Viktor Emil Frankl was born on March 26, 1905 in Vienna, Austria. He said, “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” [And often our slavery.]... Mr. Frankl died on September 2, 1997 in Vienna, Austria.

J.R.R. Tolkien died today – 35 years ago

Author (of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings) John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born on January 3, 1892 in Bloemfontein, Orange Free State. He said, “Not all who wander are lost.” [So wander around and wonder about here for a while.]... Mr. Tolkien died on September 2, 1973 in Bournemouth, England.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ethel Waters died today – 31 years ago

Singer and actress (on Beulah) Ethel Waters was born on October 31, 1896 in Chester, Pennsylvania. Ms. Waters died on September 1, 1977 in Chatsworth, California.